How to register your vehicle

How to register your vehicle. If you own one or more vehicles or you are a garage forecourt and you want your cars and bikes to be earning you money rather than sitting idle, this is the place to register them. Simply fill in the form on the left-hand side and the vehicles you register will appear in the fobbr app. Once you consent to having a smart box installed. This will allow fobbr to install a digital locking and unlocking mechanism accessible from your smartphone inside your vehicle, as well as allowing fobbr to receive data from each renter who becomes part of our ecosystem. Two identical vehicles, one with fobbr and one without. One day, when you decide to sell on your vehicle, if there are two identical vehicles on offer, which one is more desirable? – it’s the one which is fobbr-ready. It’s a vehicle with a built-in rental option from day one.

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